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Led Zeppelin Management Denies Reunion Reports
Led Zeppelin’s management is officially denying reports that the group plans to reunite in 2003 for a new album and/or tour. A statement issued by the group’s management office says, “Recent reports concerning an alleged Led Zeppelin reunion are completely speculative. We don’t know where these sources are coming from–certainly not from anyone in our management offices. There is no tour, there are no plans for a tour, and no discussions have taken place.”
The reports surfaced in August, when sources in the band’s management office told LAUNCH that discussions were under way about a group reunion, including a tour, in 2003. The story gained steam earlier this month when producer Kevin Shirley (Aerosmith, Journey, the Black Crowes) was linked with a reported new Zeppelin recording for next year.
What is certain, however, is that guitarist Jimmy Page has been combing through filmed and videotaped performances of Led Zeppelin concerts for a DVD package that’s slated for release sometime in 2003.