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Ozzy Shocked By Queen (Not The Band)
LONDON, England (Reuters) — Rock’s Wild Man Ozzy Osbourne freaked out when he met Queen Elizabeth and can’t remember a word she said to him.
Osbourne, whose outrageous stunts have ranged from biting the head off a bat to urinating on the Alamo while dressed as a woman, was introduced to Queen Elizabeth at this summer’s Golden Jubilee pop concert at Buckingham Palace.
He confessed to Britain’s Radio Times: “I freaked out. I assumed I was the in-house joke. The Queen spoke to me but I haven’t a clue what she said. Look at photographs — I’m in shock.”
Of his nervous disposition he said: “I hyperventilate opening a box of chocolates. I’m the most nervous guy in the world, a frightened little man on red alert from when I wake until I go to sleep. I was born with fear.”
And the star of the expletive-filled MTV reality show about his zany family is fully aware how fleeting fame can be. “I’m flavor of the month, hottest ticket in town, but eventually we’ll be yesterday’s news. Then I’ll have serenity again,” he said.