Because he has nothing else…

…David Duchovny says he’s eager to return to THE X-FILES.
Like most “X-Files” fans, David Duchovny is anxious to see that second movie made.
“I think we’re all kind of excited to go back and have a reunion, even though we haven’t been apart for that long,” Duchovny said.
Duchovny, who played an alien-chasing FBI agent, has been focusing on making movies since he left the series in the 2001 season. The series debuted on Fox in 1993 and quickly became a hit. The first film, “The X-Files,” was a 1998 box-office success. No word yet on when the second feature film will get off the ground.
Duchovny’s latest project is “Full Frontal,” directed by Steven Soderbergh. He also has written his own movie รณ about a boy turning 13. He says he’d be the director and he may play the kid as a grown-up.
Duchovny says it’s in the preliminary stages now but he hopes to shoot the film in New York next summer.