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CTV launches Canadian version of ‘American Idol’
TORONTO (CP) — There’s going to be a Canadian idol.
CTV announced Wednesday a deal with private partners to produce a home-grown version of the hit U.S. reality series American Idol: The Search For a Superstar.
The concept was put together at a TV marketing convention in Cannes last week and the series is expected to go to air next year.
CTV says the American Idol finale last month — the one that made young Texan Kelly Clarkson a household name — was watched by 2.1 million viewers in this country.
“Canada has a rich history when it comes to music,” says Susanne Boyce, CTV programming president. “Our musical success stories, both nationally and internationally, are truly remarkable. I can’t wait to see the finalists for Canadian Idol.”
Organizers are making plans for auditions in several major cities across the country.
Solo performers will be judged on their talent, ability and style as the contenders are whittled down to a long list of 50 and a short list of 10 hopefuls. The viewing audience will then vote for their favourite contestant.
A host has yet to be selected.
Complete details will be “unveiled shortly,” CTV says.
The series would likely be in competition not only with its American cousin, but with Popstars on Global TV, which plans a search for a solo artist in its next round.