Jimmy Kimmel takes Bill Mahr’s old spot next January
ABC’s new late night comedy show – starring “Man Show” co-host Jimmy Kimmel will air live in New York, feature a band and maybe a second banana.
“It’s going to look like every other #*@&ing talk show,” Kimmel told The Post.
“But I haven’t figured out the whole sidekick thing yet,” he said. “I was thinking of having on guest sidekicks that come in for a week like Mike Douglas used to do.
“I think that would be a fun way to do it.”
Kimmel’s new show is set to debut in January, after the Super Bowl, in the timeslot that once belonged to Bill Mahr’s “Politically Incorrect,” 12:05 a.m. It will be filmed in Los Angeles and air live on the East Coast.
But until now relatively few details about the show have come out.
Kimmel’s time is currently split between planning the ABC show, recording the voices of foul-mouthed puppets for his Comedy Central show, “Crank Yankers,” and taping segments for “Fox NFL Sunday” with his cousin Sal Iacono. He recently wrapped up taping his final season on “The Man Show.”
The new half hour ABC show is expected to be heavy on entertainment and celeb guests – a far cry low-brow “Man Show” humor that turned Kimmel into big name in dorm rooms and fraternity houses across the U.S.
“I wouldn’t be comfortable airing √ęThe Man Show’ on ABC,” the network’s entertainment group chairman, Loyd Braun, told a reporter.