Remember when we had to wait to see “Back To The Future III”? That was torture!

‘Matrix’ Sequels to Come Out Only Months Apart Next Year
LOS ANGELES ( – Joel Silver, producer of the next two “Matrix” movies, says that the cliffhanger between the first and second parts of the next installments is so compelling that people will be desperate to see the next film.
“I think we won’t even have to advertise the third film, we’ll just tell people the date, and they’ll come,” Silver tells Zap2it in an interview over the weekend. “The story is so fantastic.”
Silver says “The Matrix Reloaded” is set for release next May 15, and the third part, “The Matrix Revolutions” will be out in October.
“You’re not going to want to wait for the next movie, so we want to release them as close as we can together,” says Silver. “The cliffhanger is so substantial you will want to see it soon, and we’re aware of that.”
Originally the films were supposed to be spread out over two years, the first screened in 2002 and the third installment in 2003. But, the special effects needed on both movies delayed the project until 2003.
Directors Larry and Andy Wachowski originally conceived the movies starring Keanu Reeves, Lawrence Fishburne and Carrie-Anne Moss, as one, and filmed them together in Australia. When seeing the nearly-completed projects, they realized that they couldn’t wait a year between releases of the films.
“The boys (the Wachowski’s) wanted to release both of them in the same summer, but we won’t have them both ready,” Silver explains. “So, we’ll have one in May and the next a few months later.”
They would release the films closer together, but the effects team may not be ready for the third part until later in the year.
Silver, who’s out promoting his latest Dark Castle Film “Ghost Ship,” starring Julianna Marguelies and Gabriel Byrne, also for Warner Bros. release around Halloween, says that fall of 2003 will be a good year because another Warner Bros. franchise won’t be scheduled.
“There won’t be a ‘Harry Potter’ that season, so it’s a good time for our movie to come out,” Silver says, smiling.