Defies a category!

Pepe Le Pew doesn’t stink!

Skunks are top of the pongs
SCOTTSDALE, Arizona (Reuters) – Dirty nappies are disgusting and rotten eggs smell rancid — but skunks really stink!
That’s the finding of a light-hearted U.S. survey sponsored by Renuzit, Dial’s air freshener unit.
Skunks led the list of the bad odours in the nationwide survey, with 59.7 percent of respondents rating it a six, the stinkiest rating. Rotten eggs came in second at 47.2 percent, dirty nappy bins received 45.1 percent, bathroom odours were fourth at 37.9 percent and dairy farm smells were fifth at 31.6 percent.
Participants were allowed to rank more than one smell as the stinkiest.
The poll was conducted on America Online websites and select subsidiaries. The poll was conducted in conjunction with the launch of a new Renuzit air freshener, Renuzit Super Odor Neutralizer.
Respondents also nominated their own malodorous offenders that were not part of Renuzit’s original suggestions, with the top being spoiled meat, sewers and pet urine.
Also receiving votes: “Politics” and “the guy I have to work with”.