Happy happy, joy joy!

REN & STIMPY Resurrected
The Ren & Stimpy Show is returning to TV with all-new episodes early summer 2003 on the new TNN, and creator John Kricfalusi couldn’t be happier.
This time around, his ground-breaking, irreverent show is being programmed in the adult viewer block, which gives him all the opportunity he needs to explore Ren & Stimpy’s special gross world of wacky.
So, what are R&S fans going to be able to see? “There’s going to be a sequel to ‘Firedogs,’ and there’s going to be two of the best ‘pooing’ sequences ever animated,” Kricfalusi said with glee.
Kricfalusi will also continue the R&S tradition of creating fake commercials, like the one for “Log,” where a big, brown log is promoted as a cool toy like Slinky or Hot Wheels. This time, John K. has created a new faux commercial for a very distant cousin to My Little Pony–a donkey toy–called “My Little Ass.”
“Is your Little Ass pink or purple?” Kricfalusi asked, before launching into a witty, wicked song parodying syrupy TV cartoon theme music. “There’s a rainbow over Ass CanyonÖ” he sang, continuing to a chorus of “My Little AssÖ. my sweet Little Ass!”
But all is not well in Ass Canyon, because the My Little Ass(es) have a dastardly foe–a mean rooster called “Wrinkly Old Cock.” “Don’t let Wrinkly Old Cock rub up against your Ass!” warned Kricfalusi.
For Kricfalusi, it’s all about freedom of creative expression. He wants the right to be crude, rude, and ultimately entertaining.
In the Ottawa International Animation Festival program booklet, Richard Meltzer wrote: “I hold these truths to be self-evident: That without the Ren & Stimpy show, you don’t get Beavis and Butthead or South ParkÖ am I right, or am I right?”