What about Jon Bon Jovi?!?!

A New Poll Says U2’s Bono Is The Most Powerful Man In Music
LONDON (Reuters) – U2 front man Bono is rated as the most powerful man in music and not just because of his soaring vocals, according to a poll of top music industry executives.
Irishman Bono tops the list, to be published in British music magazine “Q” next week, because of his high profile pronouncements on political issues ranging from Third World debt to the enlargement of the European Union.
The 42-year-old singer, real name Paul Hewson, has used his fame to gain access to the world’s political leaders and has even met the Pope.
Earlier this year Time Magazine’s cover had the banner headline: “Can Bono Save the World?”
The singer, usually seen with his trademark wraparound blue sunglasses, not only makes a success of lobbying politicians but his band continues to enjoy worldwide hits 25-years after it was formed.
Runner-up in the poll was Doug Morris, 64, head of the world’s largest record company Universal.
Third was controversial rapper Eminem — seen as influential for his challenging song lyrics — while at number four is L Lowry Mays the founder of U.S entertainment giant Clear Channel.
Also in the top ten are the late Kurt Cobain who was seen to have taken underground rock into the mainstream, Sir Paul McCartney and Yoko Ono and Simon Fuller — creator of the Spice Girls.
At number 11 is Dr. Dre, well ahead of Robbie Williams at 24 who recently signed an 80 million pound ($125 million) music deal, a record in the UK.
Simon Cowell, famous for his role as a judge on singing competition “American Idol” and Britain’s “Pop Idol” was placed at 28, ahead of Kylie Minogue (29), Moby (30) and Madonna (31).
Elvis Presley, whose songs are still topping the charts on both sides of the Atlantic 25 years after he died, was ranked at 44, one behind the Gallagher brothers of Oasis fame.