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Shania Twain’s New Video Will Don ‘Futuristic’ Edge
Shania Twain’s long-awaited video for her upcoming single, “I’m Gonna Getcha Good!” will make its world premiere on CMT’s Most Wanted Live on October 4. The video is from UP!, Twain’s first album release in five years, scheduled to drop on November 19.
Twain’s new video promises to again raise the bar for music videos. “‘I’m Gonna Getcha Good!’ will be something different, something I’ve never done before,” Twain told CMT. “There will be animation–very futuristic, and there’s an edge to it. It will keep you a little bit on the edge of your seat. It’s more of an action video, so it’s different for me. There are two personalities in the video. One is sort of the Shania and the other person is kind of the superhero.”
In addition to the video premiere, the country network will debut a CMT exclusive special, Shania In London: Making The Video, on October 11 hosted by CMT’s Katie Cook. Cook traveled to London for an exclusive visit with Twain on the set of the new video.