Who should play the Man Of Steel?

Ratner Steels for ‘Superman’ Helming Gig
HOLLYWOOD (Variety) – Director Brett Ratner, who returns to theaters next month with the Hannibal Lecter thriller “Red Dragon,” has signed on to shoot “Superman,” a decision that will delay the third “Rush Hour” installment.
The man of steel picture was supposed to be directed by McG (“Charlie’s Angels”). But when Warner Bros. decided it had to have the film for summer 2004, no amount of schedule juggling could keep McG in place. He’s now shooting “Charlie’s Angels 2: Halo,” scheduled for a June 27 release via Columbia.
Negotiations for Ratner to direct began nearly a month ago. His commitment to “Superman” will require more than 20 weeks of pre-production.
“It’s been a dream since I was a child to do this movie,” Ratner told Daily Variety. “I was born to make this movie. It’s the perfect time to make this movie, as everyone is looking for someone to save the world, and who better than Superman?”
Ratner added he plans to follow “Superman” with “Rush Hour 3” for New Line. He had also been in negotiations to direct the Philip K. Dick adaptation “Paycheck” for Paramount but later fell off that picture.
McG’s attachment did bring “Felicity” co-creator J.J. Abrams aboard as screenwriter. It was the script they developed that inspired Warners to amp up the “Superman” production schedule rather than move forward with Wolfgang Petersen’s “Batman vs. Superman.” Petersen is now getting ready to direct Brad Pitt in “Troy.”