It’s a great disc!

Beck Wanted Wet and Dry Music Image
Washington (AP) – Beck’s idea behind naming his new album “Sea Change” is basically because it sounds both wet and dry.
“Just as a pure image, I thought it was nice,” he said. “I like imagery of the sea, and there is a good amount of it in this record. Also deserts. A desert used to be an ocean. The ghost of an ocean. Deserts and seas, I guess they are expansive spaces where is no real destination.
“This album is something I’ve been wanted to do for a long time. Fans who are paying real close attention will hear echoes of this record in B sides I’ve been doing since the beginning,” he said. “The song that was always tucked at the end of the album. So this is a whole album of that.
Beck also explained about how he views the process of making music.
“I’m all for the idea of 12 great songs. But if we’re allowed to experiment and put out more records and try different things and make some records that aren’t necessarily intended to be popular or relevant to what is going now, it’s part of the process that is going to help us to get to better music.”
Beck said if fans don’t like this album, there are a couple more in the near future.
“I have a lot of different ideas and different things cooking. I have two or three albums half recorded at this point. I’m just trying to figure how to get it all out where it makes sense.
“My plan right now is just to put a lot of music out.”
Beck plans on having a new album out by next summer.