Rock, Rock, Till Ya Drop

Linklater Set to Rock as ‘School’ Principal
NEW YORK (Variety) – Richard Linklater will direct “School of Rock,” a Paramount comedy that reteams the “Orange County” triumvirate of actor Jack Black, screenwriter Mike White and producer Scott Rudin. Production begins in the fall.
The vehicle will allow Black to display the musical prowess he demonstrates in the band Tenacious D. He plays a musician who moonlights as a substitute teacher, shaking up the halls of an uptight private school with his rock ‘n’ roll ways. Black will begin production after completing the Barry Levinson-directed “Envy” alongside Ben Stiller.
Linklater, best known for the rock-fueled “Dazed and Confused,” takes the job after beginning work on an untitled film about the maturation process of a 7-year-old until he heads off to college. That IFC Prods. -financed film will be shot a few weeks each year for 12 years. Patricia Arquette and Ethan Hawke play the parents of the youth (Eller Salmon).
Paramount has set “School of Rock” for a summer 2003 release.