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Clooney to Play Colin Firth in ‘Bridget Jones’ Sequel
HOLLYWOOD ( – George Clooney is taking over Colin Firth’s role in the “Bridget Jones” follow-up, “Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason.”
The British actor actually has a part in the second novel by Helen Fielding, when Bridget Jones interviews the “Pride and Prejudice” star for an article. However, since Firth played Jones’ love interest Mr. Darcy (Darcy, of course, inpsired by Firth’s character in “Pride and Prejudice” BBC series) in the first movie, “Bridget Jones’ Diary,” another actor had to play the role of a famous star that Jones’ is smitten with — enter Clooney.
“Clooney should be very funny and anyway he won’t have to do much, just be himself,” screenwriter Andrew Davies tells the London Star.
Zellweger, whoíll be appearing next in ìChicagoî opposite Richard Gere, is currently finishing work on Peyton Reedís ìDown with Luck,î with Ewan McGregor and Anthony Minghellaís ìCold Mountainî with Jude Law.
Clooney, who recently wrapped up his directorial debut ìConfessions of a Dangerous Mind,” will be appearing next in Steven Soderberghís ìSolarisî and Joel Coenís ìIntolerable Cruelty.î
No production date has been set yet for ìBridget Jones: The Edge of Reason.î