Signs of the apocalypse!

Steve Guttenberg says there might be another POLICE ACADEMY movie and he talks about THREE MEN AND A BABY 3.
MOVIEHOLE talked to Steve Guttenberg today, who’s first major film as Director P.S Your Cat is Dead, is released next January. Guttenberg dropped a bombshell : Mahoney may be returning – and also Three Men and a Baby 3 is looking good.
And although Guttenberg says heís ìlooking at a couple of thingsî for his next directing gig, he isnít ruling out a return to starring roles, or the resurrection of one of his most popular characters. ìThere have been rumours of a Mahoney spin-off film for quite a while. I sure hope they do it. If the scriptís right ñ Iím definitely in.î, Says Guttenberg. ìYou knew know, I may directî. Guttenberg also says a new ìPolice Academyî film is almost certainly on the cards. ìDefinitely. Itís coming. I mean we have to. When it all comes down to it people will look down at the idea, but theyíre in the same business of making money too. And thatís what doing another one would all be about. I mean Godfather II and III were all about the money too they were sequels. The Police Academy films gave me so much opportunity, and Iíve got nothing but a good attitude towards them, Iíll probably make itî.
ìYou know I always knew Three Men and a Baby was going to make it. It was such a good story. We had a crazy timeî, he says of the 1987 hit. ìTheyíve actually got the third film over in France at the moment, so Iím confident that we will be doing a Three Men and a Baby 3 here soon too. I havenít heard of anything yet ñ but when we do, it will be tremendousî, says Guttenberg.
Guttenberg says his fantasy has come to fruition in his directing gig P.S YOUR CAT IS DEAD.ìItís the story of two men who start out enemies and by the end are friendsî, explains Guttenberg.î But itís all about the journeyî. Guttenberg says he thinks heís found the right mix of actors to pull it off too. ìLombardo Boyar who plays Eddie is just beautiful. He was terrific, and the first great one to be attached. Then we were lucky enough to get Cynthia Watros, who is in ìThe Drew Carey Showî, we had a chance to give Shirley Knight a role, Tom Wright was on ìSeinfeldî, and A.J Benza too, and it turned out terrifically. Casting was superbî.
And did Guttenberg suffer any hiccups behind the camera? ìA few things. You know just normal things, but it was just great. All greatî, he joyfully replies. ìIíve only had good experiences with actors. Starring next to them and directing them, and for the most part theyíre all inspiring, special peopleî.