I’ve set my sights on her.

Natalie Imbruglia Sets Sights on Hollywood
LONDON (Reuters) – Australian soap star turned chart-topping singer Natalie Imbruglia now has her sights set on Hollywood.
Imbruglia, whose “Left in the Middle” album has sold more than six million copies, revealed that she is now in talks with casting agents in Los Angeles and taking classes to teach her to speak with an American accent.
“I am enjoying learning again and I want people to know that I am available for films because I wasn’t when I was doing my music,” the 27-year-old star told Britain’s Sun tabloid.
She argued that if fellow Australian Guy Pearce, the star of “LA Confidential,” can graduate from soaps to Hollywood, then so can she.
“There is a lot of snobbery toward soap stars but it’s great training for young actors. I’m not embarrassed I was a soap star. It got me started and Guy Pearce has proved you can cross over,” she said.