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Rifkin Takes on UNDERDOG
Walt Disney and Spyglass have tapped Adam Rifkin (SMALL SOLDIERS) to do the live-action big screen adaption of the 1970s cartoon UNDERDOG. Rifkin will receive a $725,000 advance for the film. “I thought it would be funny if a real dog in a superhero suit could be depicted doing martial arts in MATRIX fashion,” said Rifkin. “And it’s an opportunity to tip our hat to the great conventions of superhero movies of the past decades. It’s not a parody, it will create its own believable reality, but it will be self-referential to the SPIDER-MANs and BATMANs. These movies work best when you give the children something, but offer their parents humor that goes over the kids’ heads. I remember watching the Warner Bros. cartoons as a kid and I see them now and realized how much of the humor I didn’t understand back then.”