Big DVD Announcement

Everybody Runs
DreamWorks has just announced a 12/17 street date for Steven Spielberg’s “Minority Report.” Relatively rare for a big Spielberg summer film, this one is making a quick trip to home video, and will come in two flavors: separate widescreen and pan & scan versions, both two-disc sets. Each release will feature Dolby Digital and DTS 5.1 surround tracks, and a second disc with over an hour of new featurettes on the making of the film – two years in the making – all shot on hi-def video by longtime Spielberg producer Laurent Bouzereau:
* “Minority Report: From Story to Screen” – Spielberg recounting how he approached the characters and storyline
* “Deconstructing Minority Report” — about the think tank formed by Spielberg to image the near-future setting of the film
* “The Stunts of Minority Report” – showing off the mixture of computer animation and live-action stunts by Cruise
* “ILM and Minority Report” – about the involvement of the fabled Industrial Light and Magic crew in creating the visual effects
* “Final Report” – Cruise and Spielberg talk about how the film changed their working relationship and challenged the way they think about life and the near future
* “Minority Report Archives” — a “virtual gallery” of storyboard sequences, original illustrations, production stills, production notes and cast and crew bios.
The disc will also include trailers and TV spots (but as with all Spielberg titles, no audio commentary).