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Price of Elton John Tickets? 38,000 Grasshoppers
A concert by pop star Elton John had music fans hopping in Canada’s farming heartland as they braved a plague of grasshoppers in an unusual quest to win a pair of tickets.
“All I kept thinking is, is this enough?” Brandy Elliott told Reuters on Wednesday after winning a radio contest for the prized tickets by capturing 38,000 grasshoppers.
“I knew I was grossed out and, honestly, every night I went to bed all I could dream about was grasshoppers — and just bags and bags of grasshoppers,” she said.
Elliott was one of more than 100 Saskatchewan residents to respond to the contest launched by a popular Regina radio show.
The rules were simple: whoever collected the most grasshoppers over a two-day period, would win the two highly coveted tickets to see Elton John at a sold-out concert.
“When we first thought of this contest we thought, oh you know, we might get a few hundred, maybe even a thousand grasshoppers from people. She (Brandy) showed up with 38,000 grasshoppers which blew us away,” said Buzz Elliot, a morning show host on Z99, the station that launched the bug-gathering gimmick.
Elliott rigged up five-foot nets made out of window bug-screens and plastic tubing. She then recruited her room-mate and some young nephews and nieces to ride in the back of a large pick-up truck and help with the harvest.
“We drove in the ditches and stirred up the grasshoppers and they all just flew into the nets,” said Elliott.
Her team, over a 10-hour period, managed to stuff two large garbage bags, a big bucket and several old detergent containers full of the grasshoppers, which have plagued Canada’s drought-stricken Prairie provinces this summer.
Saskatchewan, a province known for its vast fields of wheat, also has a reputation for vast, cyclical grasshopper invasions. The green and brown insects devour crops and have even been known to eat the paint off of barns.
“You can’t walk through a park without being pelted by them, basically. We just thought we’d have some fun with it,” said Elliot, who is also the music director at Z99.
“It was way beyond our expectations. It just goes to show you that people will do anything for Elton John tickets.”
The British rocker will perform in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, on Friday to an audience of about 13,000.