Have you seen it yet?

“My Big Fat Greek Wedding” is one of 2002’s best films. It is also one of the year’s best surprises.
With $63.3 million in the bank so far, the $5 million “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” has embarrassed some summer films with far bigger stars.
“The Adventures of Pluto Nash,” an Eddie Murphy comedy that cost nearly $100 million, took in just $3.8 million during its first two weeks and is quickly disappearing off screens.
“K-19: The Widowmaker,” an adventure starring Harrison Ford is another $100 million flop – its domestic take to date is a mere $34.2 million.
“Greek Wedding” has even topped a movie with a reported pricetag of $120 million: “Stuart Little 2,” which had taken in a mousy $59.6 million through last weekend.
And this Labour Day long weekend could see the film finally take the Number One position at the box office. That would make it the first film to ever hit the top spot after 20 weeks in release.
Trust me, go see it! You will like it!