Foo Fighters announce track listing
The Foo Fighters have announced the track listing for their upcoming fourth album, entitled “One By One.”
A band spokesperson revealed the album’s songs to MTV, which are as follows:
“All My Life”
“Have It All”
“Times Like These”
“Disenchanted Lullaby”
“Tired of You”
“Lonely as You”
“Burn Away”
“Come Back”
The new album, which comes out Oct. 22 in the U.S. and Canada, is the follow-up to 1999’s “There Is Nothing Left To Lose.” The first single is “All My Life.”
The new record is said to have a harder rocking sound than their last few studio efforts.
Frontman Dave Grohl explained the energy behind the songs on the new album to MTV: “This album was all about the energy of playing live,” he said. “There’s songs on all of the last records that we never play live. They are kind of studio songs”. “This album, we thought, ‘F— it man, I want this album to be like a set list, like a show.'”
“Every one of the songs I would play every night. And we recorded it in like two weeks, a really short period of time, so that the energy of the performance is a little more frenetic, just more energetic. That’s what the songs deserved.”
Grohl, who signed on last year to man the drums on the new Queens of the Stone Age album “Songs For The Deaf,” (out Tuesday) recently took time off from the Foos to hit the road with the California rockers on a short tour.