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Stolen Titian Masterpiece Found in Plastic Bag
A painting by Venetian master Titian, worth more than $7.6 million, has been found in a plastic bag seven years after it was stolen, British newspapers reported on Friday.
The “Rest on the Flight to Egypt” was snatched from Longleat House, the western England stately home of the Marquess of Bath, in 1995.
The masterpiece was recovered in London without a frame in a carrier bag by Charles Hill, a former policeman and now security adviser to the Historic Houses Association, the Guardian newspaper said.
Previous reports suggested a convicted art crook was used as a go-between. Details of the operation were not released.
One of Titian’s most famous works, “Rest on the Flight to Egypt” was bought by one of the Marquess of Bath’s ancestors in the 19th century.
“It has been a long and difficult process but we are all extremely pleased that the painting is finally safe,” Longleat’s general manager Tim Moore was quoted as saying.
“Mr Hill is the leading expert in his field and he has remained confident throughout that the picture would eventually turn up.”