I hope they cast Raylene for the next “Survivor”

Porn Star Proves He’s A ‘Survivor’…OF THE SEX TRADE!
CBS executives have defended the decision to cast porn actor Brian Heidik on the upcoming Thailand edition of “Survivor.”
Reality series have for the most part avoided casting players who already have professional credits under their belt, lest they appear less than “real.”
Heidik’s credits include a stint on “Days of Our Lives,” as well as guest shots on shows such as “Baywatch Nights.” He most recently appeared in a number of soft-core porn movies.
According to a network statement, “CBS was aware of his past film credits, but all of our survivors ultimately have the option to decide what elements of their background they do and don’t want written in their bios. Brian Heidik is certainly not the first actor to omit certain credits from his biography.
“While this is a part of his past, he is now a successful used-car salesman raising a family in the suburbs, and we feel he definitely brings something to the show.”