Settle down, Beavis!

Mike Judge Takes On Live Action Again
Mike Judge, creator of the wildly successful KING OF THE HILL and BEAVIS AND BUTTHEAD, has committed to directing his first live action film since 1999’s OFFICE SPACE.
The first up is 3001, a film Judge wrote with Ethan Cohen. It centers around a man that wakes up 1,000 years in the future to find that the world is so dumbed down that he is the smartest man alive.
The second is MEAT IN THE FREEZER, a script he conceptualized with Steve Zahn and wrote with Clay Tarver. Zahn will serve as technical consultant and likely star as a hunter. Judge hopes it will do for hunting what CADDYSHACK did for golf. The story arose out of a differing opinion that the three had on hunting, as Zahn is the only real-life hunter. Judge explained, “Steve’s the real deal, like just about all of my friends in high school who hunted and who get all charged up with this primal hunter-gatherer thing that apparently grips everyone outside of Manhattan and Hollywood.
“I remember once being in a camera shop where this woman was getting a photo framed of her eight-year-old son, standing next to this dead buck, with all this blood running down its neck. She thrusts it at me, saying with all sincerity, ‘Oh, my God, isn’t that the cutest thing?’ Clay got a couple of videos they advertised on hunting shows on the Outdoor Life Network. There’s this laid back musical score which accompanies footage reminiscent of the Zapruder film.”
Judge said they have found a way to satirize the sport without offending any who participate, “It revolves around these hunting guides and this 18-point albino buck, a trophy of a lifetime, that everybody is trying to get during a two-week season.”