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There Are Many 9/11 DVDs And Videos Available
Here’s a sampling of the 9/11 DVDs and videos out on the market:
* 9/11: The Filmmakers Commemorative (Paramount Home Entertainment, $30 DVD and $25 VHS; in stores Sept. 12). French filmmakers Jules and Gedeon Naudet were shooting a movie about a rookie New York City fireman when the first plane hit the World Trade Center. Real-time footage ó not a montage or compilation ó was originally broadcast on CBS. (It’s nominated for five Emmys, including outstanding non-fiction special.) The documentary now has an additional 50 minutes of interviews, plus 20 more minutes of footage ó minus host Robert De Niro.
* 11th of September: Bill Moyers in Conversation (New Video, $25 DVD and $20 VHS, out now). PBS TV talk-show host Bill Moyers hosts a series of interviews with such guests as author Robert Lifton and Harvard religion editor Diana Eck, beginning two days after the attacks.
* America 911: We Will Never Forget (Spectrum Films, $25 DVD and VHS, out now). The first 24 hours are captured through footage of the attack and “man in the street” interviews with survivors, rescue workers and other witnesses. Video journalists from shot all the scenes. This was the first 9/11 video released, in October.
* America: A Tribute to Heroes (Warner Music, $20 DVD and VHS, out now). This two-hour telethon was recorded 10 days after the attack and features performances by such artists as Bruce Springsteen, Limp Bizkit and Stevie Wonder.
* CNN Tribute: America Remembers (Warner Music, $15 DVD and $10 VHS, arriving in stores Aug. 20). Part 1 of this two-part documentary from CNN is devoted to the attacks and early rescue efforts, while Part 2 focuses on the aftermath. Included are a timeline of events, eyewitness accounts, reports on homeland security and Operation Enduring Freedom, and an examination of the post-9/11 anthrax attacks.
* In Memoriam: New York City, 9/11/01 (HBO Home Video, $20 DVD and VHS, arrives Sept. 3). Mayor Rudy Giuliani and his staff provide the backdrop of the fateful day. Video footage and photography are provided from 16 news organizations and more than 100 New Yorkers are shown. Originally aired on HBO in May, it is nominated for the same five Emmys as 9/11: The Filmmakers Commemorative.
* New York Firefighters: The Brotherhood of 9/11 (Artisan Home Entertainment, 52 minutes, $20 DVD and $15 VHS, arrives Aug. 20). Profiles of the men of Rescue 3, who were among the first to arrive at the World Trade Center after the planes hit. Also included are interviews with the wives and children of the firefighters who died. It originally aired on The Discovery Channel.
* NOVA: Why the Towers Fell (WGBH Boston, $20 DVD and VHS, released July 9, 2002). NOVA documentary film crews follow a blue-ribbon team of forensic engineers as they search for clues on why the Twin Towers fell. It includes interviews with survivors and rescue personnel.
* The Concert for New York City (Warner Music, $30 DVD and VHS, available now). The historic benefit concert held in Madison Square Garden on Oct. 20 was organized by Paul McCartney and featured a wide array of performers, from Eric Clapton and the Who to the Goo Goo Dolls.
* World Trade Center: Anatomy of the Collapse (Artisan Home Entertainment, 52 minutes, $20 DVD and $15 VHS, arrives in stores Aug. 20). This special provides a scientific look at what happened to the towers from impact to collapse and includes interviews with the creators of the World Trade Center and eyewitness accounts. It originally aired on The Learning Channel.
* WTC: The First 24 Hours (New Video, $20 DVD and VHS, out now). The first day at Ground Zero are documented, with no narration or added sound. It won high marks at the Sundance Film Festival and includes both the original documentary and an expanded version.