She walks in my sleep too!

Jennifer Aniston Walks in Her Sleep
If something goes bump in the night at the home of Hollywood hunk Brad Pitt, he need not worry. It’s probably just his wife, Jennifer Aniston.
The 33-year-old “Friends” star revealed in an upcoming issue of Us Weekly magazine released on Thursday that she is a lifelong sleepwalker.
In one recent somnambulant episode, Aniston walked out of the couple’s home and was awakened only when their home’s security alarm went off.
“The alarm scared the s— out of me,” she told Us Weekly. “I woke up, and I was out by the pool equipment in the back.”
She said Pitt, 38, was “terrified because he heard the alarm, and I’m not there — it was just awful.”
Aniston, currently starring in “The Good Girl,” said it was not the first time she has walked out of the house sound asleep.
As a child, she recalled, “I would walk into the living room, and (my mom) would have a conversation with me, and I would not have known it,” she told the magazine.