Red, black, whatever Jennifer Garner wears is awesome!! Actually, she is awesome!

Mark Steven Johnson explains why Elektra doesn’t wear her traditional red costume in the film adaption of DAREDEVIL.
Miffed with the Elektra black costume? Director Mark Steven Johnson explained things to Wizard a little and gives hope to those who want to see the bandana – “In our movie, Daredevil is already established and his red is intrinsic to his character,” he says. “But Elektra hasn’t turned into an assassin yet-it’s more of an origin story for her. I wanted her costume to be one that would enable her to make that transition from Elektra Natchios into Elektra: Assassin. I wanted her to be able to slip in and out of the shadows in her search for Daredevil, and bright red sashes and headbands wouldn’t allow for that. But in the future, once she’s been established as a cold-blooded killer for his, I’d love to see her costume evolve into that of the comic character”.