Blah, blah, blah!

“Happy #@$%! American Thanksgiving!”
Scarier than Harvey Weinstein biting the head off of a bat, Miramax gleefully announced yesterday that they have acquired the rights to the first two seasons of MTV’s smash hit The Osbournes for DVD and VHS release. With season one due this November, just in time for the network kickoff of season two, apparently the growing backlash due to the (over)exposure of MTV’s most popular show ever doesn’t seem to be fazing anyone involved. “As soon as I discussed this project with Harvey (Weinstein), I knew that Miramax was the right home for ‘The Osbournes,'” said matriarch Sharon Osbourne. As for what fans can expect, Weinstein hinted “The show’s incredible following, never-before-seen footage and other DVD extras will make The Osbournes a key addition to Miramax’s family of DVD and video hits.” Stay tuned for the full details…