Will There Be an Austin Powers 4?

Myers and Roach Talk AUSTIN POWERS 4
Nooo, baby! That’s what director Jay Roach says when asked if “Goldmember” is really the last “Austin Powers” movie. “Yeah, it’s true that it’s been reported that ‘Goldmember’ is the last in the series,” says Roach. “But I’ll tell you that halfway through production of this film, Mike Myers and I looked at each other and said, ‘What about Austin Powers 4?’ ”
Plot ideas? “Mike and I said, ‘Hmmm, what if Dr. Evil goes into the future? I had ideas and Mike has a billion characters in his head.
“Suddenly, we were saying, ‘What about Austin Powers in space?’ ” And one more idea that could happen? “I have an idea for a prequel,” Roach says. “You’ll see Dr. Evil as the ultimate cold warrior guy and, meanwhile, Austin Powers launches the British invasion.”
Another shagadelic detail about the movie with the $71.5 million mojo at the box office this weekend: Getting Ozzy Osbourne and family for a cameo was rough. “It was a complex deal and happened at the last minute,” Roach says. “Ozzy and Sharon didn’t know if they wanted to do it until the last minute. We needed five hours from them. They gave us one. But they did it because they love Mike Myers who [was on the set] the day we shot their cameo even though he wasn’t in the scene. Mike just stood there off-camera talking to their dogs and helping the Osbournes feel good about themselves.”
PS: The actual shoot will be featured in the new season of “The Osbournes” on MTV.
And Dark Horizons had this from Mike Myers:
Mike Myers talked with ITV the other day about the possibility of another comedy adventure: “I would love to do more, Jay and I were apprehensive about doing a 3rd, then we felt that we had a good idea, we had a great time doing it, the response has been awesome, weíve loved this whole experience. I think now we would love to do a 4th one, I donít have an idea yet so if I come up with an idea – then yeahÖI had so much fun”.