Bruuuuuuuuuce! His new CD is in stores today!

Sept. 11 Inspired Springsteen Album
Bruce Springsteen did some research for his new album “The Rising,” written largely in response to Sept. 11.
Two widows of men killed in the terrorist attacks told Time magazine that Springsteen, 52, called them to learn more about their husbands and their loss.
“When you’re putting yourself into shoes you haven’t worn, you have to be very … just very thoughtful, is the way that I’d put it. Just thoughtful,” Springsteen told the magazine.
“You call on your craft, and you go searching for it, and hopefully what makes people listen is that over the years you’ve been serious and honest,” he said.
“The Rising” goes on sale Tuesday and is Springsteen’s first work of entirely new material in seven years. His 46-city tour with the E Street Band starts Aug. 7.
Springsteen’s home county, Monmouth, lost 158 people in the World Trade Center bombing, more than any other in New Jersey. He noticed from reading The New York Times obituaries how often his songs, from “Thunder Road” to “Born in the U.S.A.,” were played at memorial services.
“This was one of those moments when the years that I’ve put in and the relationships that I’ve developed and nurtured with my audience รณ this was one of those times when people want to see you,” he said.