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Sheen ‘Heartbroken’ Over Lowe Leaving
Martin Sheen said he is heartbroken over the impending departure of “West Wing” co-star Rob Lowe, who is quitting the Emmy-winning NBC series over a salary dispute.
“I was shocked and dismayed, frankly,” Sheen told reporters. “And disappointed, but for selfish reasons because we keep talking about the next four years as the next administration.”
But Sheen, who plays President Josiah Bartlet on the Emmy-winning White House drama, isn’t entirely surprised.
“We saw something coming but we didn’t know it was such as it was, you know. We knew there were some contract disputes, but I never get into that with a fellow actor because frankly it’s none of my business,” he said. “Everyone’s entitled to go for whatever they can get. I did, certainly.”
Sheen recently renegotiated his contract to triple his salary to $300,000 per episode, according to Variety magazine.
But the show’s producers, Warner Brothers, refused to increase Lowe’s reported $75,000-per-episode salary. Lowe told The Associated Press Wednesday that the salary dispute spurred his decision to leave his role as White House communications director Sam Seaborn at the end of next season.
“We’re all heartbroken and a bit concerned because we’ve become so close,” Sheen said. “But with Rob and me in particular, I’ve known him since he was a boy. You know, he grew up with my family and I’ve become kind of a Dutch uncle to him all these years. And to have this last three years together, we’ve gotten extremely close.”
Despite the recent conflict, Sheen believes Lowe’s “West Wing” time will help his career.
“He’s been brilliant on the show. I think it’s the best work he’s ever done. And he’s elevated his image to the public to a great level. I just have to let him go and wish him the best. He’s still young and has a big career in front of him,” he said.