Bon Jovi is back, baby!

New Bon Jovi Single ‘A Big, Loud Rock Song’
Bon Jovi has set an Oct. 8 release date for its next Island album, “Bounce.” The set will be preceded by the single “Everyday,” described by the band’s official Web site as “a big, loud rock song.” A 30-second clip of the track is running in advertisements for the German TV station ZDF; it is due to hit U.S. radio outlets later this summer.
A video for “Everyday” was recently shot in Socorro, N.M., with the band performing amid the 27 satellites that make up the Very Large Array (VLA) radio observatory (seen in the Jodie Foster film “Contact”). The final aerial shot was jeopardized by a lightning storm, necessitating the evacuation of most of the crew. But the take was completed amid “torrential rain,” according to a statement.
“Bounce” is due Sept. 11 in Japan and Sept. 23 internationally.