Mac People Rock! (Although I am writing this entry on a PC)

Apple Unveils iPod Music Players for Windows PCs
Apple Computer Inc. Chairman Steve Jobs said on Wednesday that Apple will expand the audience for its popular iPod music player with new versions of the device designed to work with Windows-based personal computers.
Speaking to an audience of Apple loyalists at the bi-annual Macworld trade show, Jobs also said it was cutting $100 off the prices of the two existing iPod models that run on Apple computers.
Apple said it would offer its 1,000-song, five-gigabyte iPod for $299 and a 2,000-song, 10-gigabyte iPod for $399. It also said it would introduce a new $499 model capable of storing 4,000 songs, or roughly 20 billion bytes of data.
All three models will be available to run on both Apple and PCs running Microsoft Corp.’s Windows operating system. The Windows versions will be available starting in late August.
“Isn’t that cool?” Jobs asked the audience of Apple faithful repeatedly as he demonstrated new software features to be offered on the Internet-based music-playing device.