First “Strange Brew” is announced and now “Sports Night” is as well! God bless DVD!

‘Once,’ ‘Sports,’ ‘Felicity’ Get New Life on DVD
Less than a week after Fox announced it would bring last season’s innovative drama “24” to DVD with unprecedented speed on Sept. 17, Disney said it would release the full seasons of acclaimed-but-short-lived ABC series “Once and Again” and “Sports Night,” as well as “Felicity,” all on Nov. 5.
Both “Felicity,” which aired on the WB, and “Sports Night” were produced by the TV arm of Imagine Entertainment, which was based at Disney at the time. “Once and Again” was canceled last season after moving around the ABC primetime schedule for several seasons in an effort to expand on its small but passionate audience.
Each boxed set will be priced at $79.99. The “Felicity” and “Once and Again” sets include the first season and pilot episodes. The “Sports Night” set includes all episodes from the series.