Could It Happen? Would we want it to?

Opening The Bar Again?
Ted Danson, on the CBS tour to promote Becker (moved to Sunday this season), says he’s not opposed to a Cheers reunion, even though he turned down a chance to reunite with George Wendt and John Ratzenberger on a recent Frasier.
“I got rid of my hairpieces. I had nothing to wear,” joked Danson, who occasionally catches reruns of his “big hair” days on Cheers. “And just for the record,” he says, “the first three or four years, that was mine.”
Danson, who starred in Three Men And A Baby and Body Heat, was also asked if he was looking at any movie scripts these days. “I see some of them on (wife Mary Steenburgen’s) side of the bed, but I don’t actually read them.”