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imabitch; female, 31; Secret†CO, USA
While I was married, my husband and I had quite a few problems. We were married for seven years, but he was the notorious philanderer; one night I came home only to find his newest interest there. They were in our bedroom, watching a movie. He pretended like there was nothing going on, which completely infuriated me. He had the unmitigated gall to invite his “friend” to spend the night. At that point, I began to drink heavily. She had left her clothes, lying neatly on the bathroom counter. Needless to say, after drinking so much I began to feel sick. I vomited in the toilet, and afterwards, dumped her pantcuffs into the mess. When I was done, I placed the pants neatly on the counter for them to dry overnight while they were sleeping. It has been over a year since I have been divorced, but after the debacle of my marriage, I have vowed to never date again.
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