Darabont on Indy

Writer Frank Darabont talks INDIANA JONES IV
Frank Darabont, the writer/director who is penning the screenplay for the upcoming fourth Indiana Jones movie, is tight-lipped about the much-anticipated sequel’s storyline, but revealed to SCI FI Wire that it will be set in the 1950s. That’s in part to accommodate star Harrison Ford’s age (the actor just turned 60), Darabont said in an interview.
Not surprisingly, Indy won’t be facing down Nazis this time around, Darabont said. “We’re going to give you some good villains, let me just put it that way,” he said.
Darabont added that producer George Lucas and director Steven Spielberg are allowing Darabont (The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles) to bring his own ideas to the script. “It winds up being a pretty good collaboration, a good exchange of ideas,” he said. But, he added, “at the end of the day, I’ll be writing what they ask me to. I’ll be giving them the story that they want, so in that sense, I’m an employee. But a very excited and engaged employee. And what a fun project to work on.”
When probed for specific details-such as the rumors that Indy will have a son-Darabont said, “If I told you, they’d kill me. I wouldn’t leave here alive. I’m sworn to secrecy.” Indy IV will begin production in 2004 for a release in 2005.