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Viewers Could Pay for Skipping Ads
Television viewers could face paying for channels they now receive free if digital video recorders kill commercials, said Jamie Kellner, chairman of Turner Broadcasting System.
The wider use of systems like TiVo and ReplayTV, which allow viewers to easily skip through ads, would force a change in how broadcast and basic cable TV is supported, Kellner said Friday.
“Don’t think for a moment there’s a free lunch involved in this,” Kellner told the Television Critics Association. Viewers could end up paying about $250 a year above any cable or satellite fees, he said, based on his own rough calculation.
Kellner had been asked to expand on remarks to CableWorld magazine in which he said viewers who skip commercials are “stealing” programming.
His comment was misinterpreted and not serious, Kellner said. But he said he was concerned about the impact new technology could have on TV, just as the music industry has been affected by Napster and other inventions.
A recent survey showed that about 70 percent of DVR users skip past commercials, Kellner said. Although only about 1 percent of TV homes have the devices, their use could proliferate if they are routinely included in set-top cable boxes and satellite systems.