Say It ain’t so, Dennis! Say it ain’t so!

Miller Exits HBO
Dennis Miller’s long-running rant on HBO is ending next month.
The acid-tongued, high-brow comedian is quietly calling it quits after nine years of “Dennis Miller Live.”
HBO officials confirmed that the last original episode will air Aug. 30. No word yet on the guest lineup.
Miller’s weekly rant – a stream-of-consciousness diatribe on the political or cultural flavor of the week – was the trade mark segment of the show.
Miller hasn’t decided what he’ll do next, according to reports. But he is said to be in talks with HBO for specials and other potential projects.
Miller declined to talk to reporters yesterday.
The past six months have been something of a transition period for the mint-popping comic.
Last March he was abruptly dropped by “Monday Night Football” after just two seasons on the air as a color analyst – despite assurances from ABC officials that he’d be back this season – to make room for sports broadcasting legend John Madden.
His erudite “MNF” broadcasting style prompted many viewers to complain that they needed a dictionary in one hand and a thesaurus in the other to watch the games.
Miller first gained national notoriety when he joined that cast of “Saturday Night Live” in 1985 and was best known as the anchor of “SNL’s” faux newscast, “Weekend Update.” He ended each broadcast with a pen flourish across his copy and a quick, “I am outta here.”