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Colin Farrell Cops ‘S.W.A.T.’ Shot
Colin Farrell, currently co-starring in “Minority Report,” has inked to play Officer Jim Street in the big-screen adaptation of the 1970s cop show “S.W.A.T.”
Farrell’s payday, knowledgeable insiders say, approaches $8 million for the Columbia Pictures picture. Samuel L. Jackson signed to head the cast in May.
The film will be directed by Clark Johnson, who played Det. Meldrick Lewis in NBC’s “Homicide: Life on the Street,” and just helmed the pilot for HBO cop series “The Wire.” Commercials veteran Zack Snyder had been poised to make his feature debut on the picture, but that deal did not come to pass.
The script for “S.W.A.T.” comes from David Ayer, who penned both “The Fast and the Furious” and “Training Day.”
“S.W.A.T.,” based on the 1975-1976 ABC series, was originally set up as a feature at TriStar Pictures in the late 1990s with Arnold Schwarzenegger eying the lead.
Dublin-born Farrell’s credits include “Tigerland” and “Hart’s War,” as well as the upcoming “Phone Booth,” a thriller about a man pinned down in a sniper’s line of fire.