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Requests for Mine puts me in the top 20!

Do you want some of Matt Damon’s sperm? Apparently you’re not the only one.
Some American women are so crazy about Hollywood hunk Matt Damon, they are demanding look-alike sperm donors to father their children.
The Oscar-winning Good Will Hunting star – who has a hit in his new movie The Bourne Identity – has become a favorite of hopeful single mothers at a Boston sperm bank (coupled moms usually request a donor who looks like the daddy-to-be).
John Rizza, director of New England Cryogenics, the region’s only photo-matching sperm bank, tells the Boston Herald, “[Matt’s] at the top of the list. I think it’s a combination of things. What I hear most often is that he has charisma, he’s gorgeous, they like the sound of his voice. He has that boyish charm.” Rizza says most of his donors are Boston college students; he’s still waiting for the actor’s contribution.