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Here’s Some Details On The Status Of Darren Aronofsky’s Next Sci Fi Film Starring Brad Pitt And Word On A BATMAN & SUPERMAN Film.
Rumours surrounding director Darren Aronofsky’s next film The Fountain, were confirmed this weekend by Warner Bros. Talking to Variety, a high-up executive at Warners admitted that work on the film ñ described by Aronofsky as ‘a post-Matrix, metaphysical Sci-Fi movie’ ñ has ground to a halt over budget problems.
‘It was greenlit at a budget in the $60 million range,’ said Warner Bros executive Alan Horn, ‘and it came in higher, so it’s off the table right now. It’s not a go. Everything has to work together.’ That’ll be bad news for the film’s star Brad Pitt who’s recently been sporting a hefty helping of facial hair which most people presumed was in preparation for his role in this film. Now of course, we may have to conclude that Pitt was actually going for the hairy monster look all along ñ news that will have his many female fans in despair, whilst delighting the male population.
Happily, film fans will be soothed by the news that one of the projects Warner Bros is speeding into production is the long-mooted Batman & Superman. Perfect Storm director Wolfgang Petersen is in line to produce and possibly direct the movie.