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George Michael on Dangerous Ground with New Song
British singer George Michael releases his latest single on Monday and admits the political satire is his most controversial career move to date.
“Shoot the Dog,” in which the singer presents his views on the state of world affairs, is openly critical of the “special” relationship between President Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair.
“I know this is dangerous territory,” he told the Mirror newspaper on the eve of the song’s release. “But I really feel this is such a serious time for us all that being silent is not an option.”
The song, which was originally written before the September 11 attacks on the United States but shelved until now, is an attempt by Michael to get people thinking about what is really happening in the world.
He said his inspiration came from watching late-night news shows on television.
“I noticed a lot of stuff about the growing fear of a war between the secular world and the fundamentalist world,” he told the tabloid.
“The more I learned, the more fearful I became. And I simple wanted to write a song that said to everybody, ‘people lets be aware of this situation and understand that there are some very pissed off people out there’.”
“Shoot the Dog” also takes a critical pop at Bush and Blair, labelling the British prime minister “a poodle.”
The cartoon video sees Bush on the White House lawn petting a smiling poodle-shaped Blair and also depicts the two leaders dancing the tango, Blair in a flowing dress.
The song’s release is bound to spark controversy and by the singer’s own admission could “make my experience with a certain policeman in Los Angeles look like a tea party.”
It was in 1998 that Michael was arrested in an LA toilet after exposing himself to a police officer.
That incident provided a much needed boost to his flagging pop career, but the singer is less than confident that his new song will have the same effect.
“I’ve been advised that radio stations which rely on government licenses might ban it,” he said. “It could get slated, it could land me right in the shit. But I hope it just gets people debating.”