Star Wars: Episode III Details

Lucas Talks Anakin and Boba
George Lucas revealed a few tidbits about the upcoming Star Wars: Episode III to Starlog magazine, according to a report on Among other things, he confirmed that Qui-Gon Jinn (Liam Neeson) and Boba Fett will appear in Episode III. Jinn’s appearance was foreshadowed in the current Episode II-Attack of the Clones, in which his voice can be heard in the background as Anakin attacks the Tusken Raiders.
“It’s a plot point,” Lucas told the magazine. “All I can really say is that you’ll find out [more] in the next film. If you thought really hard, you would probably be able to figure it out, but it really is a setup for the next film. It’s connected with the whole ability to be brought into and become a part of the Force, but still be able to retain your ability, which, up to this point, Anakin couldn’t do. We talked to Liam about [recording new dialogue], and we went back and forth [about it]. This [dialogue] is something we already had [from Episode I]. Next time will be a little more complicated.”
Lucas added, “Boba will be in Episode III, but his role definitely won’t be larger. He’s in a transition period of becoming a bounty hunter. The next film takes place two or three years later, so Boba would only be 13 and still wouldn’t fit in the suit.”
Lucas also offered a hint about Anakin’s transformation into Darth Vader. “The scene where Anakin does actually become Vader is pretty good [as written in Lucas’ Episode III outline]. I mean, I like it. It’s a little in the vocabulary of … I don’t know how much I want to give away … but it’s in the vocabulary of a time, of the 1930s and 1940s. It’s a pretty neat little thing, I think, and hopefully it’s going to work.”