Now this is my kind of good news!

The Ren And Stimpy Show Is Set For A Comeback!
New episodes of the gross-out cartoon are reportedly in production for US cable station TNN.
The company has just brought the rights to 52 episodes of the show, which originally ran on children’s network Nickelodeon from 1991 to 1995.
The deal includes a previously unseen episode, the sadistic Man’s Best Friend, which was thought unsuitable for family viewing.
Billy West, who provided the voice of cat Stimpy before going on to voice Fry, Zoidberg and Professor Hubert Farnsworth in Futurama, called the episode “one of the most violent and hilarious things ever done.”
TNN will also restore deleted footage into other Ren And Stimpy originals, America’s TV Guide reports.
Series creator John Kricfalusi is reportedly on board for the new episodes, expected to be screened next year.