Dan, c’mon man! Tell me! Are there any new films to wet my pallette on this weekend in theatres?

This Weekend’s New Movies
New films? New movies? New Summer movie season distractions available to you this weekend? Why there sure are!
The primary new release sees Superstar Star Tom Cruise teaming up with Superstar Director Steven Spielberg for the film version of Philip K. Dick’s Minority Report.
Now even though last year’s AI- Artificial Intelligence may have been one of the worst, nee “most understood” films in a long time, when you combine the talents of these 3 men, Cruise, Dick and Spielberg, you have a movie that I want to see, but don’t want to know anything about. I say let it play out and entertain me.
So to that end, I have nothing to write about Minority Report. But if you need to know if it is worth your time and money before you go, even with the movie’s pedigree, well then here are 28 reviews for you to read. Read away, or join me at the theatre. It’s up to you.
Admittedly I also have nothing to write about Juwanna Mann, but for totally different reasons. It just sucks! Here’s a movie about a guy who is kicked out of the NBA and decides to join the WNBA. Yes, he dresses up in drag and joins the Women’s National Basketball Association! And as I mentioned, it sucks!
If you want to see a man dress up like a woman just to get a job and prove a point then watch Tootsie. Now that is a movie! AND it has Bill Murray!
Ah, Bill Murray!!! Bill Murray rocks!
And so does this weekend’s other, and final, new film- Lilo & Stitch! And it rocks hard!
Leaving traditional Disney animated fare in it’s dust this masterpiece of modern cinema is absolutely hilarious. Sure, granted, it is possible that maybe some kids will not understand some of the humour, but on the other hand, for people with an abundance of pop culture knowledge, and adults, this movie rocks! Rocks hard! References of Star Trek, MIB, Godzilla, Jaws and many other classics are a spicy ingredient that made me really laugh. And it has a heart as well. It is an awesome film!
When all is said and done Lilo & Stitch may end up my favourite film of 2002!
So enjoy the popcorn and I’ll see you at Minority Report, umm, I mean I’ll see you at the movies!