The Direction of the Last Season of FRIENDS

A FRIENDS writer speaks out a bit about the direction of the last season of the show.
The “Friends” writers return to work this week to map out the adventures in which the sextet of characters will be involved during the show’s final season.
One thing is for sure, insists the series’ co-creator/executive producer/writer David Crane: Fall will definitely mark the swan song season of the landmark show.
“We’re all approaching this as our last, the studio and network included. We all want it to go out on top. We all feel that very strongly.”
He’d also, most naturally, like to see the oft-imitated show receive the one thing that has thus far eluded it: an Emmy.
Crane says he’s trying not even to think of the odds that the show will be Emmy-honored as it approaches its final season, just focusing on pre-production of season No. 9.
Will the six friends leave the air as three couples?
“I don’t see that happening,” says Crane. “That would be a little too tidy.”
Will Monica and Chandler join Rachel and Ross as parents?
The latter is possible, says Crane, “But at this point, we sincerely don’t know which way we’re going. It’s all just an exciting question mark.”