Velma Is Hot!

There Are Various Scenes Cut From SCOOBY-DOO That Likely Won’t Appear On The DVD.
One gag had Fred gazing lustfully at Daphne on the plane when the camera pans over to see Velma lusting over her too – scribe James Gunn said about Velma that he’s “pretty sure she’s gay. So we had a couple little nods to that in the movie and in the end, again, they were things that kind of (detracted from) the scenes”.
Another had Fred attempting to get into Daphne’s room under the guise that he’s going to protect her (though its hinted he plans to do more than that). However these scenes, as well as the now infamous cut Daphne/Velma kiss, are rumoured to add up to as much as 15-20 minutes but won’t appear on the video/DVD release due to worry over inclusion of PG-13 scenes on a PG disc which would frighten off “family consumers.”