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Britney Races Ahead with Plans for Second Movie
Pop princess Britney Spears is moving full speed ahead with her movie career, signing a deal with NASCAR to star in a feature film set in the world of stock car racing, NASCAR officials said on Monday.
Writing and planning for the as yet untitled movie is still in its early stages but Spears is expected to play the fictional daughter of a successful NASCAR team owner who inspires a former driver to return to the sport.
Spears, who made a respectable screen acting debut in February in the girl road and friendship movie “Crossroads”, has formed her own production company — Britney Spears Productions — to develop and produce the project.
There are currently no plans for the 20-year-old pop star, who is now on a U.S. concert tour, to sing in the new movie which is expected to go into production in early 2003.
NASCAR (National Association of Stock Car Auto Racing) is the second-highest rated sport on U.S. television with a 75-million-strong fan base, particularly in the southern United States. The movie will feature real NASCAR drivers, tracks and competition.
NASCAR officials said they were attracted to the project because of Spear’s image as an all-American southern girl, with a strong sense of family.
Producer Ann Carli said the goal was to create a film that portrays the spirit of NASCAR. “It is not just about winning — it’s about family, perseverance and the belief that any dream is possible,” Carli said.
Spears and her father are both said to be big NASCAR fans.