The Words That You’ve Been Waiting To Have Heard
After years of nail-biting suspense, Paramount is finally delivering the goodies!
It’s time to get ready to grease back that hair and put on your best poodle dress, because on 9/17 Paramount will release a collector’s edition of Grease, still one of the biggest and most popular musicals in motion picture history.
Then on 10/8 comes plenty more, including a collector’s edition of another Travolta megahit, Saturday Night Fever, plus its (camp) classic sequel Stayin’ Alive, Travolta as cowboy in Urban Cowboy, and (drum roll, please…) both Flashdance and Footloose!
Expect some cool extras, including new interviews with such participants as directors Randall Kleiser and John Badham, and much more. Full specs have not yet been revealed, but the official press releases are due on Monday, June 24th.
Oh yeah, baby! Oh yeah!